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In the future, life officially sucks. Humanity is terrorized by KILLER ALIEN MECHA that release a deadly nanovirus called THE ROT.


So called WRECKERS are the new influencer super brands, selling death and vulgarity to the masses, who have nothing to do but watch Wreckers kill not only the mechs infesting SECTOR-K but each other during WRECKFEST, Neo-Tokyo’s annual battle royale tournament.


It’s a dialed-up-to-eleven version of our own f’d up world, where people are glued to their devices with super-shortened attention spans - and where a selfie with a Wrecker is worth more than your health.


Welcome to Sector-K.


Or as the locals call it ... KILLTOPIA.


Enter SHINJI - a hacker with a punk attitude - who builds himself Wrecker gear and heads into the Killtopia zone, without a permit or training, to hunt rogue mechs & sell the scraps, all so he can make enough money to pay for his sister OMI’s Rot medicine. Unfortunately for Shinji, on his first hunt, he saves the life of a sentient robot, CRASH, who is wanted by powerful forces, including STILETTO, the world’s #1 Wrecker and reigning Wreckfest champ.


This sets the story in motion and soon Shinji, Omi, and Crash have to go up against Yakuza thugs, android assassins, and a very motivated Stiletto.


Shinji wants to save his sister. Crash wants to be more than a machine. Omi wants to plug-in and play. Stiletto wants to believe…in something. 


They all want to make it out alive.


The economy in Killtopia is built on the Rot.


But instead of trying to cure the deadly nanoplague, the governement - along with giga-corporations like KAIJU COLA - has gamified the mech hunt.

The more people stay glued to the spectacle, the fewer rights and services they demand, the more money is funneled to the top.

Sound familiar?

But there is one group in this kleptocratic suckdom dedicated to eradicating the corruption that underpins the Killtopia influencer economy: KOSHIRO-23.

K-23 is an anti-government 'hacktivist' group that operates in the deep web shadows, working to take the whole rigged Wrecker game down - while also helping those in the lower wards get the Rot-shots they so desperately need.

...and K-23? They are YOU.

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