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In the future, life officially sucks. Humanity is terrorized by killer Mechs and poisoned by a nano virus called The Rot. So called Wreckers are the new influencer super brands and kill the Mechs that roam the Killtopia zone for money, fame, and glory.


Our story starts when Shinji - a hacker with a punk attitude - builds himself Wrecker gear and heads into the Killtopia zone, without a permit or training, to hunt rogue mechs and sell the scraps, all so he can make enough money to pay for his sister Omi’s medicine. Unfortunately for Shinji, on his first hunt, he saves the life of a sentient robot called Crash, who is wanted by powerful forces.


This sets the story in motion and soon Shinji, Omi, and Crash have to go up against augmented mercenaries, Yakuza thugs, and android assassins.


Shinji wants to save Omi. Crash wants to be more than a machine. They all want to make it out alive.



Traditional filmmaking processes dictate a waterfall workflow: Each part of the animation and visual effects pipeline must be followed linearly, progressing from one department to the next. 

This introduces bottlenecks and slowdowns, as shots are stalled or kicked back in each stage of production.

We're doing things a little differently.

Using Virtual Production, we're able to embrace an Agile workflow, whereby multiple stages of the legacy filmmaking process can happen simultaneously-- allowing creatives to adjust and adapt a completely CG film while shooting footage in real-time

This approach is not only optimized for time and budget but also allows a human element to creep back into a completely digital process: Creative decisions can be made on the fly as directors and cinematographers lean into the emotion of a shot during an actor's performance.

And working in Agile has the added benefit of unlocking community feedback loops. We can drop small deployable bits of content and digital assets as we create them during production.



We are currently refining our Virtual Production pipeline, putting it through its paces as we develop a teaser for Killtopia.

Once the exercise is complete, we'll be focusing on creating digital merchandise related to the series, to rally our community and build a revenue pool through which we can fund our full length series pilot

When the pilot is out in the wild, we will seek additional partners and drop more merch to fund an entire season.

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