• Sally Slade

A Message from Dave Cook

Dave Cook here, creator and writer of the Killtopia comic book series.

I wanted to address the statement put out this week by Voltaku, the studio I’m working with to adapt the series for TV.

In the statement it was announced that I would not be assisting the studio with its NFT project, which will be used to help fund production of the show. I am firmly anti-NFT, despite having many friendly and respectful discussions about Voltaku’s aims to work with the tech in smarter and more transparent ways.

It’s important to state that the decision to not be involved in the NFT part of the project was a personal one I made myself. I wasn’t asked to step aside or anything like that. I just felt I couldn’t add anything constructive to the discussion and couldn’t support the technology, so I did what I felt was the right thing.

But, regardless of how I feel about NFTs, I wanted to make clear that I absolutely cannot condone any online personal attacks or harassment aimed at members of the Voltaku team because of this announcement.

I never want to see anyone personally attacking others for just doing their job. I saw so much of this behaviour when I was a games journalist. For those targeted, online abuse can be upsetting, frightening, damaging and can have real mental health repercussions. I have also been on the receiving end of it while writing about games, and it’s truly awful.

I’ve met, spoken with and collaborated with members of the Voltaku team for the past two-plus years, before the decision was made to use NFTs and even after they made that decision. I wanted to work closely with them to help them adapt my comic in the best way possible, by giving them guidance on the comic’s characters, our world, the plot and more.

Lastly, regardless of my dislike of NFTs, the team at Voltaku are talented, hard-working people - actual human beings - who don’t deserve personal attacks or hateful messages over this.

I still believe Voltaku will make a great Killtopia show. Seeing my comic being adapted for TV is a dream come true, but unfortunately we ended up not seeing eye to eye on this particular issue. I respectfully say to my friends, fans and readers: it’s okay to disagree with someone over NFTs but online abuse is never okay.

Thank you.