• Sally Slade

RE: Killtopia NFTs

Dear Reader,

Killtopia’s Hollywood creative team is barreling towards a Web3 future with great optimism. Meanwhile, members of Killtopia’s comic-book creative team are on the picket-line, urging us to act responsibly.

Killtopia author and creator Dave Cook has a firm anti-NFT stance, and we respect this. We count on our community to police new discoveries and ask the question, “just because you can do it, should you?”.

Despite the objections of our pen-and-ink counterparts, we at Voltaku feel that we are approaching this opportunity with care: We are committed to a green future, and we feel that as stakeholders in this space, we can influence our contemporaries to do the same.

We recognize that the NFT landscape is rife with hucksterism and fraud, which makes us evermore eager to provide a counter-example.

We want to create persistent projects which evolve as living stories across platforms: We want to put art and story first, we want to share our tools as open-source software, and we want to build a community for our otaku content.

We feel that the time is now, and the means is Web3.

We are overjoyed to be working directly with Killtopia Volume 1 & 2 artist Craig Paton, but it pains us to diverge from Dave and members of his current creative team. Fortunately, our relationship is good, our communication is strong, and we know that we can prove ourselves as trustworthy futurists whose actions match their words.

We urge the anti-NFT fans of Killtopia to please continue to support Dave and his team, who have worked very hard to bring an incredible story to the page, and have had no participation in our decision to engage with Web3.

Thank you for your consideration,