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Virtual Production in your Pocket!

Full Feature List

Launch Sequence

When launching the fully featured version of Vodcasto, user models will be read in from Persistent Memory as well as the Streaming Assets directory. If model thumbnails do not exist, they will be generated and stored in Persistent Memory as well.

Character Manipulation

Users may move Characters around by dragging them with a single finger. Users may also scale Characters with a pinch-zoom or pinch-expand.

Character Selection

Users have the option to choose a Character by going to Players > Player N > Select Character. In the locked version of the Character Gallery, users may choose one of three materials for the default Ekkoluna model. In the unlocked version of the Character Gallery, users may browse their local device for model directories, or they may browse their local device and third party storage for zipped model directories.

Player Calibration

Users then have the option to Calibrate their model, which is done via a series of photographs. To Calibrate, users will select Players > Player N > Calibrate. From there, they will be instructed to pose for three calibration photos. After each photo is taken, the Player's calibration is adjusted and the settings are saved for the next session.

Pinning a Player

Users may choose to Pin the character's position, which is a feature that disregards the user's head position during tracking. Pinning a character is useful if you'd like your character's position and distance from the Camera to remain static.

Reset Player

Reset Player Settings will eliminate the associated Player Calibration, move the Character to the origin, and set their scale to one. It will also Pin the Player to their current position, at the origin.


Users may change the Background of their Scene by going to Background and selecting an image, video, or color. Users may browse their device's Camera Roll for additional images or videos. Users may also define their own Color using either a hex code or a color-picker utility.

When selecting a Video as a Background, users may use a volume-slider which appears on the left side of the screen. Videos will playback at the specified volume, and loop indefinitely.

Users may also enable the Rear Camera toggle to use the live camera feed from the rear camera as the Background for their Scene. Note that when Rear Camera is engaged, only one face may be tracked at a time by the Front Camera.


Users may enable visibility on their Front Camera if they wish to see themselves while using the application. Users recognized by the app will be adorned with a masquerade mask indicating their Player number (1-3) or with an "N/A" symbol to indicate that Vodcasto cannot assign the recognized Player to an available Character for animation.


The Help button will launch a browser pointing to the documentation on Vodcasto's product page.


The Hide button will minimize the main menu such that it is completely out of sight. To restore the main menu, simply tap along the bottom of the screen where it would otherwise display.

Stored User Settings

Vodcasto will populate the scene with the most recently used Character and most recently used Background. In the case of a first time user, Vodcasto's mascot and her associated environment will be selected.

Vodcasto also stores the Player's Calibration data, the last known position of the most recently used model, the state of the Character Gallery, the state of the Background Gallery, and whether or not the Character is Pinned.

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